our trip around OZ...

Friday 15th August
Sorry this has taken a while between updates but there were a few technical problems (probably me) thanks Marc my it expert and brother for fixing them.
We are now in Yeppoon in Queensland since I updated this last we have been to Kunnanara in Western Australia back to Northern Territory and into Queensland it was a huge drive from WA to QLD but we got to see Mick's parents and grand parents so it was good.
After spending time in Caloundra we went to visit Mick's cousin in Coolum Beach Mick went out in the boat fishing (Yes he did catch some)they were yummy.
From there we went to Hervey bay and then to Woodgate Beach where wespent three weeks in a holiday house while it rained and then we did the nescasary repairs to the van it was wonderful but we are back in the van again.
From Woodgate we went to Bundaberg met another cousin, Stephanie broke her arm and we visited the gingerbeer factory (yumm).
From there it was a quick visit to Gladstone and Rockhampton and tonight in Yeppoon. 
Sunday 22nd June
I have added captions to all of South Australia and some of Northern Territory. I know that I haven't finished Tasmania but I will get back to it, I decided that I was getting snowed under and you all want to see where we are as close as posible not 5 months ago.
Friday 20th June
hello to anyone still patient enough to be checking our website well i have finally added some more photos i haven't added captions to all the photos yet but i will endevour to fill in a bit more info ie what is happening in the photo hope you all enjoy seeing what we are up to.