northern territory

                 We have made it to the Northern Territory
       Mt Connor the kids thought this was Ayers Rock (Uluru) but so
                      many people make the same mistake
                          Sunrise in front of Uluru it was freezing
                                    It's a long way around the base of Uluru but we all made it (9.4kms)
                  One of the many colours of Uluru
                        After a sunrise you need a sunset
                 Front row seats for watching sunset over Uluru
                                     The Olgas (Kata Tjuta)                                       
                    Stephanie being clever on the jumping pilow
                   Tyler being acrobatic on the jumping pillow
         Tyler and Stephanie found a new toy in Alice Springs a Goldwing
                    This is a PE class at the school of the air
This is what the students see when they "attend class" in front of their computer at home, the icons up the side are the students attending class and if they want to ask a question their icon appears on the screen "hand up"
         The blacksmith at work at the Telegraph Station Alice Springs
                         Tyler having a swim in the Todd river
  Tyler and Stephanie in a flight simulator at the Royal Flying Doctors
                This is the first road train, made by Kurt Johannson
                  The sign at the bottom of this picture reads
          "Pioneering motor coach travel The South Melbourne Football Club   
              (Sydney Swans) end of season trip to Wangaratta in 1946"
                        Sunset over the MacDonnell Ranges
                                  Alice Springs sunset
                                  Standley Chasm
                     Climbing in Standley Chasm
                                 Ellery Creek Big Hole
  Glen Helen Gorge the water behind us is a water hole in the dry Finke River 
    Meeting the locals. Whycliff Well is very well known for "Alien sightings"     
   The Daly Waters Pub well known for its entertainment and underwear
                                 displayed on the walls
        The oldest airport hanger in the Northern Territory at Daly Waters
    Look at the way they catch their fish in the Territory this is a Barramundi
      Floating down the hot springs in Mataranka the water was very warm
          These are fruit bats in Katherine very noisy and VERY smelly
                     Katherine Gorge  (Nitmiluk Gorge)                                                                                           
              Canoeing up Nitmiluk Gorge Tyler was lots of help (not)
                     Stephanie hard at work helping Dad row
       Tyler worried Dad was going to leave him in the croc trap as bait
           Adelaide River War Cemetary after Darwin was bombed in 1942   
    Charlie the water buffalo appeared in "Crocodile Dundee" when he was
                                      alive that is
                   This is a Cathedral Termite mound it is huge 
                                          Wangi Falls
                                         Tolmer Falls
                                     Florence Falls
                                          Buley rock holes
                Swimming in Buley rock holes it was too cold for Tyler
             Stephanie really enjoyed the butterfly house in Batchelor
                              She made a new friend
                                       So did Mick
                                 Making more new friends
              Tyler made a new friend too this is a juvenile sea eagle
    And more new friends well that is until the wallaby bit Tyler in the arm
                             We even found Nemo
     Tyler says look at the size of that fish Mick says where is my fishing rod
  The greenish fish are milk fish and the grey ones are diamond backed mullet
                               Look what I've got
                       Are you sure that tape wont fall off
                                  Crocodile DunTyler
             Do you think Tanya will like the new hav\nd bag I got her??
                                Bird life at Fogg dam
                  Spot the croc he is sitting behind the two storks
                          The water lillies are beautiful
                             A jacana walking on a lilly pad
        Jumping Crocodiles keeping all arms and legs firmly tuck in the boat
                     They can jump over half their body length 
           This is a rock art painting of a thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) in 
                      Kakadu who knows how far they once roamed
                                      Turtle rock art
             Over looking the wet lands from Ubirr (pronounced oobeer)
                                     Us at Ubirr
                      More rock art meaning below
                               Don't touch the stones
                  The lightning man and his wife (man to the right)  
                              Sunrise over Yellow waters lagoon
                            White bellied sea eagle at sunrise

                                This is the Victoria River  

             If you are wanting to see our trip in order we now go into WA
           for a couple of days and then we head back to NT and on to QLD
             We stopped at Dunmarra for one night and the NT Variety Bash 
                  turned up as well and they took a ride in a parabuggy
                                     it looked like fun
                  The roadtrains in the NT are huge 3 or 4 trailers long
                                              More roadtrains          
                         This roadtrain isn't quite as fast or thirsty 
                     We are here Tyler and now we are turning left
   The equiptment at the Barkley Homestead can do with a little maintenance
                Podgy goes for a ride on the train at Barkley Homestead

                                   Next stop Queensland
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